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What is a i9 Form?

The US government requires an eligibility verification for their citizens, making them qualified to work as an employee. The i9 Form 2021 is the official protocol followed by US citizens to provide employment eligibility verification. Form i9 follows a very elaborate structure with different sections requiring all levels of information that would help an individual verify themselves as a qualitative asset.

Governmental forms follow a very strict protocol over discriminating individuals. The i9 Form 2021 is a similar document that comprises multiple sections with different attestations, which is then submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Information Included on the i9 Form

As mentioned above, the i9 Form 2021 is extensive in terms of the required information. The form comprises portions that are to be filled by the employee as well as the employer. Before filling out the employment eligibility verification form, there are some important sections and fields that you need to know. The following points focus on mentioning all necessary details required across the i9 form.

  • Basic employee information, which includes their name, initials, address, apt. Number, state and town details, date of birth, SSN, email, and telephone number.
  • Attestation, with the knowledge of the penalty of perjury.
  • Signature of the Employee.
  • Information about the Preparer or Translator, if used. It includes their name, address details, and signature.
  • The first set of details required across the 'Employer and Authorized Representative Review and Verification' is the 'Identity and Employment Authorization.' It includes the document title, issuing authority, document number, and expiration date. Fill out as many sections as in the record.
  • The employer needs to attest all provided details by providing the following details:
    • The date of the employee’s first day of employment.
    • Signature of the Employer or Authorized Representative.
    • Date, title, and name of the Employer or Authorized Representative.
    • Employer’s business name and address details.
  • Another section of details requires the employer to add in the details about verification and rehiring. It includes the name of the employer or authorized representative along with the date of rehiring.
  • Document title, number, and expiration date of the document that established the continued employment authorization.
  • Signature of the employer or authorized representative of the company along with their name and date.
  • The employee is required to submit a list of documents that establish the identity and employment authorization. These include passport cards, resident cards, Form I-766, etc.

How to Fill Out a i9 Form?

The process of filling out the i9 Form 2021 is quite simple and follows a consistent flow of steps which are provided as follows:

Step 1: You need to fill out the employee details in the form initially. Provide the name, address details, SSN, and other important details as required in the form.

i9 form

Step 2: Fill out any one box in the attestation section questioning the status of citizenship. Add in the signature of the employee to conclude the section.

i9 form

Step 3: Provide the details of the preparer or translator if hired for this form. It includes their signature, name, and address details.

i9 form

Step 4: In the next section, you must add in the identity and employment authorization. Being an employer, the document title, issuing authority, document number, and expiration date should be added in the section. Provide the important details of the employer or authorized representative along with their business details.

Step 5: If there has been any verification or rehiring of the individual, the detail of rehiring is required within the next section. Add in the date of rehiring details of the document, including its title, number, and expiration date. Conclude the form with the signature of the employer or authorized representative.

What is a i9 Form Used For?

The i9 Form 2021 has a very specific use case in the jurisdiction of the United States. This form holds the mantle for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment within the borders of the US. This form is necessary for every US employer to fill out for every hire they perform within the United States.

This form verifies the identity of the employee following their eligibility as an employee within the US. This form is a necessity for both citizens and non-citizens of the US, according to the law.

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